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love letter to winnie
love letter to winnie


i’m much more into love letters than ‘blogging’ so i’m sharing some hopes from my heart.  i feel so fortunate to have met you just after you arrived home. your nursery is such a happy space that being there with you was like a long restful exhale.

i know a little bit about the love that surrounds you because i’ve been connected to your dear family for over 7 years. i was beside your parents on the day they said ‘i do’…and winnie, it was magic.  really.  one of the most sublime days that everyone in attendance will remember.

in addition to magnificent parents (who are so smart…so listen to them! you’ve got great advisors in house), you have something else.

two grandmothers.

because they’ve been present from the very beginning, you won’t be able to imagine life without them but i want you to know what a treasure they are.

i know their hearts.

and i’m always a little surprised their big hearts can fit inside their bodies because they’re so full of love for their family.  they are way better than fairy godmothers…because their generosity won’t appear just when you’re in crisis.  they’re presence is steady.

just like you, i have two grandmothers – even at my age which makes me really fortunate.  and they’ve been a huge blessing in my life.  they’ve taken me on adventures, given me opportunities to work hard and serve well, taught me the sweetness of creating & travel.

oh winnie, treasure them.

i know your parents & grandparents have lots of good wishes for you – so i’m going to cover just a little corner in the wish department.

i hope that the legacy of your great grandmother, winnie will live on in you.  i heard she always spoke well of others – and i was just reading how our character can be determined by how we speak of others’ character.

wait…maybe one more thing.  a sunny disposition.  that will come later of course…when you become a girl (and spoiler alert:  girlhood is wonderful!!!) but there are hints of it already when i’m near you.  bumps will come of course, but mastering the art of being sunny will make life feel so much better.

live in the sunshine.   -m-