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The grass is greener where you water it…so we do. We pause the rush of modern life to be together and love well.

Our thoughtfully designed sessions are respites for your year.  We chat and make a ‘plan’ that’s all about fostering love and joy within your family.  Let’s make images together that overwhelm you with how much you love your family and how thankful you are to share your days with them. I love sessions at home where we have access to so much – your sofa or bed for cuddling and dog piles, kitchen for baking up something fun, and your kiddos favorite toys.

01.How far in advance are you booked?

I rarely book a session less than 2-3 weeks before.   In May/June/September/October, i start booking several months in advance.  We keep our calendar accessible to make it easy.   Generally, sessions are scheduled Friday morning and afternoon so you can enjoy a long weekend afterwards.

02.What should we wear?
This is the question on everyone’s mind the second they set up a session!  I collect ideas here to get the wheels turning on colors, etc to explore.  Look at the captions and get a sense for if you prefer lighter or darker clothing.  A few guidelines:  think about something you can comfortably sit in (because we don’t want to stand the whole time), clothing appropriate to the location & season (so you aren’t cold/hot…if we’re on your sofa, we might want to kick off shoes) and I definitely prefer style over fashion (‘this is so hot right now!’) because i want your images to have longevity….style stays, fashion doesn’t.
A handful of other tips: don’t feel like you totally have to avoid prints (we can chat about this on the phone), white can be great but outside it can limit how I can shoot so use it with discretion…even just a little tone helps, always dress the hardest person in the shot first (and then build the other outfits around that person)…I love when the outfits play well together but aren’t matchy-matchy.  We can chat about this in-depth during our call!
03.Do you travel?

Absolutely!  I sprinkle a few travel assignments in each year.

04.What do we do if it rains?

I love photographing in your home so often we’re not that affected but if we’ve planned an outdoor session, since camera gear (& hair!) doesn’t like to get wet, we reschedule for sprinkles. We make that judgment call the day of the session (because weather here shifts frequently) but well before you start getting ready.

05.How should I prepare?
For children, make sure they have something in their belly because attention is limited otherwise.  It’s important to fight the anxiety that may come about making things ‘perfect’ – this experience of being photographed will be much more low-key than you’re probably used to.  Just give yourself plenty of time to prepare clothing/hair.  Don’t worry a bit if a child loses a tooth (I’ve had it happen AT a session!) or gets a bump/scrape before.  Just send me a shot from your camera phone and I’ll confirm we’re in the clear.
Make this a fun experience…plan ice cream/dinner out afterwards and write your husband or children a sweet note the night before about how glad you are that you’re doing this so you can remember this incredible time in your lives.
Mostly, think about what’s indicative of your life right now…I want to make photo of that.  example: If there’s a teddy bear that your little one drags around, it would be wonderful to include briefly.
06.How long will it be before my proofs/prints arrive and how much do clients typically spend?

Your proofs from portrait sessions are delivered in 1 month.  Prints and products are delivered in 4-8 weeks (books take longer).  We don’t have a minimum order because meeting the needs of every client is incredibly important to us.  Most clients spend an average of $2000-4500.

07.How much is a session?

A one hour session at a Lexington location is $425.  Prints for tabletops start at $45 and prints for your walls start at $175.

08.What’s the best way to get in touch?

I’m often on-location so email is perfect.  To chat by phone or skype/facetime, we schedule it.

09.May i purchase a gift certificate for a friend?

Absolutely – they’re available in any amount starting at $50.  We’re happy to ship to the recipient on your behalf or to you.  A great baby shower gift!

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I can't wait to hear from you about creating a photograph of something you love!
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