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delight and { summer } mini sessions 🎡
delight and { summer } mini sessions 🎡


(verb transitive)

to affect with great pleasure; to give high satisfaction or joy





The colors of summer captivate me.
And I love that the mornings are a little slower…and that the basil grows so fast, I get to work it into so many meals and it becomes this simple seasonal luxury that makes me smile.
The lilacs outside my window are ablaze in their full flowered glory (if you’re near, please let me share!!) and the hydrangeas appear as if they’re waking from their long winter nap.
Living at a pace where you can notice and appreciate the little bits of the season feels best…and I hope that at sessions, you get that sense of what is so beautiful about this season (in your life & relationships) as well.

With so much affection,

limited edition { summer } mini session announcement
{ summer } mini sessions at the fair

The fair just feels so perfectly like summer fun!!  So if the colorful games, ferris wheel or even that big twisty shaped soft serve booth (if they have it!) seem like the right vibe for a background of a family photo or image of your kids hugging, please come!!  It ends up being adorable!!  Fair admission is $8/person and we’ll meet you just inside the gate!

when: Saturday, June 8

where: Bluegrass Fair at Masterson Station Park – 3051 Leestown Road, Lexington, KY 40513

details: a 15 minute mini session, $238.50* session fee.  Our session fee covers 1-3 people…additional sweet people can be added for $25 per person.

*price includes sales tax


For sessions on a date of your choosing (as well as location!), here’s our portrait calendar! If you don’t see a date that works well, please jot us a quick note at because we can likely find a fit!  We light up seeing your emails in our inbox!

Sessions at home are a favorite…we have access to favorite toys, your backyard, cuddling on the couch, pets…and it’s easy to grab a summertime treat from the fridge for the last 5 minutes like watermelon slices, a bowl of strawberries or popsicles!

It’s such a treat to work on a book of these afterwards with you!




[ holidays not to be forgotten ] 

3 – world bicycle day
8 – best friends day
16 – father’s day
18 – international picnic day

21 – national ice cream day
22 – hammock day
30 – international day of friendship

2 – national water balloon day
9 – book lovers day
12 – middle child day
26 – national dog day



[ currently ] 

  • summer = sun and i looooove this sunscreen from trader joes…i know, not the place i thought i’d find a favorite sunscreen either!!  it’s completely clear, & slightly mattifying
  • hi, i’m melanie and i really love small cabins in the woods



[ kind words ] 

Absolute success! Matt was completely speechless (and so was I) . I so wish you could have witnessed his reaction when he saw the beautifully packaged album.

We soaked up every second and relived each moment, turning the pages, taking us back to that incredible day.

We both gasped when we opened the perfectly placed center of the album…from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. You have given us something we will cherish year after year.

Much love,
Danielle + Matt