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a tiny help for stopping the ticking clock [summer mini session announcement]
a tiny help for stopping the ticking clock [summer mini session announcement]

it’s summer!! i’ve been working on a couple photo projects…scanning images from my grandparents’ lives and a mammoth family photo retrospective book.  i’ll be working on both for a *while*.

i find a tiny little corner of time on sundays usually and love how sitting with these photos brings my mind and heart to what is most important.

always here for whatever you want to make a meaningful photograph of!

with so much affection,
– melanie –

when: saturday, august 5th

where: keeneland (by the “hill” tucked away from the busyness . . . we’ll send a map a week before to our exact spot!) fingers crossed it works with your calendar.

kindly pick your preferred time …note: there will be a spot to pay as soon as you select a time.

details: a 15-20 minute mini session, $225 session fee covers 1-3 children/people…if more are planned, we’ll send a separate email with a link for the additional $25/person payment.

prints, digital files, etc are purchased a la carte after you’ve had a chance to see the images.

for sessions at a spot & date of your choosing, here’s our portrait calendar! if you don’t see a date that works, jot us a quick note at because we can likely find a fit!


 01   in case you have some physical photos you’d like to scan, i really love this one! or if you just have a few, come over and do it at my home!


02   we’re strongly considering a kitchen reno…all advice accepted!  consider this an official solicitation of your wisdom!


03   a manifesto i can really get behind