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if it’s not obvious from the happiness on instagram, i’m loving spring.  and i had the opportunity to meet this guy yesterday.

you’ll tell me if get too happy, right?

if i go about documenting reasons for it, moments with sweet people such as this are going on the list.

i love seeing brides become mamas – and how they find their perfect mix of love, joy & instinct.  we become someone new as we hold a babe.

and that’s how spring feels inside to me…that there’s beautiful change and it’s purposeful and good.   thank you for the huge response to [ Gather ] – yes, we’ll hold another…not sure when but we won’t make you wait too long!  xoxo, -melanie-

lovelies from around the web

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    Have you heard of Circle?  We don’t have screen issues currently in our home because Audrey only uses my iPad when we travel but down the road in jr high/high school, this might be helpful. (via Becky Higgins blog)

    I read, The Big Disconnect in December and truly, I think every parent should read it…it’s a rough book to get through sometimes because of the language/stories that are so sad but it spawned a ton of really good conversations between Jason and I.  It felt particularly applicable to us but i loved that each age was addressed so well.

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    Felt Poms

    It’s more than a little difficult for me to resist draping pom pom garlands everywhere – and if I can’t manage any longer, I’m buying them all here.

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    every positive change begins with these two words