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soon to be ’empty nesters’
soon to be ’empty nesters’

Oh friends!

I feel as though a new chapter is upon me…one I’m not entirely sure about but feel excited to embark upon.  Six years ago when we stepped into homeschooling, so much was shifted to accommodate the new priority…and it was such a beautiful time.  It’s difficult to encapsulate all the love, adventure, learning, connection and happiness that was part of that season.  It feels like the happiest dream to have logged so many hours by Audrey’s side.

In May, we traveled to our beloved homeschool conference and Audrey graduated…Jason and I handed her the diploma during the ceremony while a letter we’d written was read and a short piece about her future plans.  It was homespun, full of love and exactly what we needed.  A dear friend played the prelude music, local friends we’ve field tripped with and others we’ve traveled with were there to give hugs afterwards. It was a delight!

Audrey is still a concurrent enrollment student (high schooler doing college classes) until the end of July and college drop off will be in September.  Everything feels all at once steeped in nostalgia…my heart that loves this human experience is SO.GRATEFUL for all the time to reminisce, appreciate and savor.