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shelter & late spring minis!



1.that which covers or defends.

A house is a shelter from rain and other inclemencies of the weather;

the foliage of a tree is a shelter from the rays of the sun.

2.  the state of being covered and protected; protection; security.


shelter & late spring minis!

shelter…it’s one of those words where even just rolling it around in my mind makes me feel calm.  we’re a year into this upside down world…how are you?  we are well, savoring what home is in a new way and unable to count the times we’ve engaged in some baking therapy like the rest of america ;)

several months ago, i wrote someone i knew who loved poetry. “what are some of your favorite poems?”, i asked. she called with six and the resulting reading created such an enjoyable pocket of time.

it’s those pauses and breaks from the typical routine that have made this time feel so very different.

there’s this bit of wistfulness in the air to have things return to ‘how they were’…the ease that we didn’t realize we even had to hug, travel, and more. keeping that view in mind, something stood out to me this weekend that i hope you don’t mind if i share…a couple of verses taken completely out of context and yet i knew when i read them, by the way they hit my heart, that they were for me and for this time as much as any other:

Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth.  [ Isaiah 43: 18-19 ]

looking forward to what is springing forth and sending wishes of peace along with a good helping of cheer and the truest of shelters,  – melanie –

limited edition
[spring] mini session

weather is so nice in may! take a look at your calendar – i hope it works out to see you! (we plan to be at the part of the property that was mr. keene’s home – love the front and side porch!! and there are SO many gorgeous trees!)

when: saturday, may 15th

where: outside mr. keene’s home at keeneland, lexington ky

details: a 15-20 minute mini session, $175 session fee

1-3 people/children, for additional siblings/family members please add $25/person.

5 images will be presented in an online gallery. prints, digital files, etc are purchased a la carte after you’ve had a chance to see the images.

while the majority of these sessions are generally filled with kiddos, this particular location is a *dream* for family, couples, headshots…your pick – we can’t wait to see you!

kindly pick your preferred time

we will be outside, keeping 6+ feet of distance…and although i’d love you to see how big my smile gets when i see you, my assistant and i will be wearing masks. & following every guideline for safe photography!

first, thank you…these are such a favorite of mine! if you don’t see a date that works,  jot us a quick note at because we might be able to find a fit!



  • 01

    i adore a pretty stamp!

  • 02

    so helpful, i bought it again!

  • 03

    i still love well done children’s books – do you?  i’d adore if you’d share which ones have your heart! here’s a new favorite, i try to jot down my most favorite ones here in case you’re on the hunt for a couple more.

  • 04

    how did i not know these existed until recently?  i’m far too inclined to plan jaunts around the planet for this sort of thing! gratefully, the pandemic is teaching me temperance ;)  but, it’s staying on the sweden to-do list if my feet ever land there!

  • 05

    the energy and enthusiasm of gustavo dudamel (fast forward to minute mark 3:42 if you watch) has been making audrey and i smile as of late.

kind words:

Oh the book is so PERFECT!!! Thank you so much Melanie for being such a sweetheart and making
all my newborn photos a dream come true and the most beautiful book to cherish forever!

Thank you Sandi for dropping it off today, it
was such a great midweek pick me up!!!

We truly appreciate it and love working with you!



[ holidays not to be forgotten ] 

1 – april fools day …i have a package of googly eyes all ready :)
2 – national peanut butter and jelly day
17 – husband appreciation day
26 – national pretzel day

1 – derby day
10 – clean up your room day

3 – world bicycle day
4 – national doughnut day
18 – international picnic day