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savoring summer



1. to taste and enjoy completely

2. to like, to delight in, to favor


savoring summer

it’s high time for a check-in!  i imagine we’re on a walk, catching up on all that’s going on – there are highs and lows but together we apply that magical balm that friends and tender listening ears do.

i’m grateful for you.
this life connected to one another is a privilege and blessing.  i leap anticipating our time together and appreciating how work is play & joy.

summer has barely begun, and it seemed like a great time to pop in with a summer blessing.
may all that is good be noticed and savored.  may you see a shape in the clouds and smile.  may you cut open a piece of fruit and be delighted by the pattern inside.   may the vast majority of mosquitoes be too distracted to bite ;)

here’s to a season of deep savoring.


belle vie (beautiful life),
– melanie –


P.S. everyone has been asking how our first year of homeschool went and i’m so happy to report it went at least 180X better than i’d hoped – and that’s completely credited to audrey.


on the last day of school, we read all the favorite memories from the year (we’d collected them in a jar on our bookshelf) – lessons that struck our hearts, adventures, successes, new sweet traditions and it bowled me over all that we’d done.  homeschool was not on our radar when we became parents, but it’s been the most lovely gift and just what we needed to slow down and savor.

they’ll be on sept 28th in the morning and afternoon but get a spot quickly because they never last long! there’s a dreamy near a fenceline/overhanging tree with the prettiest countryside view behind it that we’ll be using….it helps to visualize a bit of the scene as you plan outfits (and shoes!!). plan for dress to be more casual than the paddock area. so excited!



although i love mini sessions because i get to see more of you in a day, my heart will always be about our sessions at home. summer is so nice because there’s more flexibility (and you can avoid a too-hot day inside with air conditioning and cuddling on the couch!), plus you get images in your hands before the rush of fall so there’s more time for homespun holidays! you’ll be two steps ahead on cards and gifts :) if you need something before the calendar shows availability, just write us at and we can likely find a spot on an alternate day of the week!



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    gypsy guides…we discovered these in maui on the road to hana and driving up the haleakala volcano but have since used them in banff, glacier national…if you’re going to a location with these and you’ll be driving, they’re so much fun to add to your phone.  it’s like a tour guide in your car who gives you the perfect info right before you pass it…so excited to use it soon in the tetons!!

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    if audrey was younger, i’d be gifting her one of these on each special occasion to make a collection because she loves animals so much.  so many of them are darling but that turtle and prarie dog!!

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    this might be the most perfect shirt dress – i vacillate on a monthly basis with my minimal black, white, gray wardrobe and when i’ll switch completely to sunshines, rainbows and daisies from head to toe!

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kind words:

Dearest Melanie,

You are so very thoughtful in everything you do!  I hope you know just how special you are and how special you make others feel!!  We are grateful for you!


the Watsons



[ holidays not to be forgotten ] 

3 – international plastic bag free day (my favorites)
6 – world kissing day…i can’t wait to smother jason and audrey with kisses every chance i get
12 – simplicity day
21 – ice cream day (how perfectly situated in the year!)
24 – cousins day

national picnic month
3 – watermelon day
4 – national chocolate chip cookie day & sisters day
7 – daughter’s day
12 – middle child day
26 – national dog day

13 – positive thinking day
18 – rice krispie treat day
28 – good neighbor day (we have plans for this one!)
30 – hot mulled cider day