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(verb transitive)
  1. To bear or keep in mind; to attend to.
  2. To preserve the memory of; to preserve from being forgotten.
  3. To bear in mind with praise or admiration; to celebrate. 1 Chronicles 16:12.

Going through a huge box of my grandparents’ photos recently, I saw how much they loved each other, how much they loved to travel, and how they loved their family. I loved it.  Sitting there sifting through photos of the lighthouses, the cliffs of Dover, castles…may I share what I wanted to see in addition to the treasures we had?  Them in their home (particularly the kitchen and livingroom) and with their favorite things…my grandpa would need to have a photo enjoying ice cream.  Butter pecan to be exact – it’s such a grandpa kind of flavor ;)


Several weeks ago, the sweetest inquiry came – a brother of a past bride asked if I could travel to Louisville to photograph his parents in their backyard flower garden.  He’s in Sweden…and I’m guessing when he thinks of them, he imagines them there.  It was an honor to be on a task for such wisdom and forethought.


I’m curious about what you want to remember.  It can be tricky – nothing may feel particularly remarkable about today…but having a look at it decades from now surely will.


Thank you for a life that reminds me to treasure who is in front of me, and to remember who is no longer there.   Thank you for openness to what is most dear to your heart.


“The humblest tasks get beautified if loving hands do them.”  – Louisa May Alcott

So whatever you do and engage in this week, let’s slow it down a bit and do it with love.



what a gift it is to live,
– melanie –

limited edition
[fall] mini session

when: saturday, October 3rd ——-SOLD OUT———-

where: shaker village at pleasant hill, harrodsburg, ky

details: a 15-20 minute mini session, $175 session fee

1-3 people/children, for additional siblings/family members please add $25/person. since these will be outside, please plan for the possibility of cooler weather with clothing selections.

prints, digital files, etc are purchased a la carte after you’ve had a chance to see the images.

we can’t wait to see you!

kindly pick your preferred time

a favorite of mine and we only have a couple more before the end of the year…we have some weekday availability if you don’t see a date that works – just jot us a note at




[ holidays not to be forgotten ] 

classical music month – watching this shifted something in me and frankly, i can’t get enough classical music now!
6 – world beard day (another reason in a week to touch base with my brother)
9 – teddy bear day
11 – make your bed day
12 – chocolate milkshake day
17 – constitution day (because the constitutional congress held it’s first meeting on sept 17)
26 – johnny appleseed day

5 – do something nice day
16 – dictionary day (in honor of noah webster’s birthday)…a great day to learn some new words!

1 – dia de muertos (watch coco!)
3 – sandwich day
6 – nacho day
13 – world kindness day

  • 01

    The simplest cobbler made even simpler by using a frozen raspberry, blackberry, blueberry mix from Costco.

  • 02

    Declutter with Sarah – with all our extra time at home, i’ve been so grateful for a couple spaces I had Sarah’s help in organizing last year…she’s SO fast and while I don’t feel like there’s much for me to ‘declutter’ i still benefit from how she always knows the perfect solution that works well long-term!  She’s a wizard and I highly recommend her if you’re in Central KY!

  • 03

    So looking forward to the weekly (or let’s be real, probably bi-weekly) prompts this journal has inside.

  • 04

    These are so perfect for jazzing up a treat for any little celebration or tiny success!


  • 05

    Right now especially, isn’t a good perspective so helpful?  This post about Leah’s favorites (that can still be had curbside, etc) made me smile – so smart!!!

  • 06

    Let’s go here together…i mean, after Covid, of course!