it was a profound privilege to share your day beside you

Making heirlooms of your day is one of our favorite things – peruse and see if there’s a book you love and we’ll get started! And if a chat to refresh on what the options would be is helpful, let’s connect! See our FAQ regarding proofs below!

Thank you again and again!


finishing touches
  • 01
    What’s the best way to place an order?

    Truly, your preference is great – here’s our order form but we’re happy to take it by email, phone or a skype/facetime appt.

  • 02
    how long do prints take to receive back?

    Images needed by christmas delivery should be ordered no later than Oct 8th but otherwise, 6 weeks. Books take dramatically longer which is why we like to start the process as early as possible.

  • 03
    How long will the gallery be up?

    Great question – 90 days. We find that’s the perfect amount of time to make thoughtful selections, share with friends/guests before too many other distractions from life set in. We’d love if you’d make the bulk of your selections during that time to keep our workflow even but down the road (up until 2 years from your wedding date), if you’d like to order a print, that’s absolutely okay.

  • 04
    A few reminders about your proofs:
    • Proofs may appear slightly lighter or darker than the final prints will be.
    • Proofs are not cropped and will be when prints are ordered.
    • You may order color images in b&w if you’d prefer – b&w images cannot be ordered in color, however.
    • Final prints take about 6 weeks (and portraits needed by Christmas should always be ordered no later than October 10th) and approximately 8 weeks for books/canvases.
    • If there’s a little something that you’re curious about changing in a photo, don’t hesitate to ask…it may be very easy to retouch.  minimal retouching is included in prints and extensive retouching is available at $25 per quarter hour.
    • Ordered images are archived for a year.
    • We ask that you try to make your order within 7-9 days to keep our workflow even.