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of all the things we create with you and then excitedly package up to send out the door, i’m not sure anything compares in my heart to our books.

it starts with a huge search across football field sized rooms full of makers at a national conference i travel to.  since it’s tough to get a real sense of quality online, i like to meet in person where i can hold the books and examine the printing, binding and fabrics.

i ask questions about whether or not they might be able to do this or that – like include a custom ribbon used by a bride on the box that holds her wedding album.

after we’ve green lighted them for quality, we try them out…and to be honest, only about half of the ones we use make the final cut. an album might come back beautifully but not at all in the time frame they promised and we need reliability.

we love the discovery of handcrafted books that tell your story with elegance…ones that truly become an heirloom.

we start by asking for your favorites and then make any suggestions on additional images that might be helpful to tell the story the best.  we’ll show you a draft of the design before it goes to press so you can take a look and make any needed adjustments.

great books hold a spark of beauty that invite you to look through them with the people you love on the coziest spot of your couch.

the types of books we’ve done in the last few several months include…

wedding books

all about me books – we plan a session for your child at an impossibly cute age and include some activities and outfit changes (we can sprinkle in a few family images too!)…these are generally 2 hour sessions.   we’ll send some questions your way and the q & a is added to the pages alongside the images.  this is so fun to do once your family is complete (so in 2023 you have an all about me book for each child) or (most commonly) when your child turns a certain age like 5, 8 or 10.

newborn & 1 year books – there are often multiple sessions in the first year and if you let us know you’d like a book, we can include these together in one volume under our multi-hr add-on.

birthdays & anniversaries – we’re so on top of chronicling childhood but we’re pretty tender hearted about the shoots where families gather for a dinner and time together to celebrate their parents wedding anniversary or a 90th birthday and make a book about it.  and can you imagine how sweet it would be to document your most important relationship so carefully?  along with your wedding album, there could be a smaller one for your 5, 10, 20, 25 year anniversaries!  life pulls us in so many directions but an hour together would be so sweet to do every few years!


we have a variety of exquisite linens, silks & leathers in case you’re thinking of adding something wonderful to a stack of books on your coffee table or on your bookcase from your next session!

xoxo, -melanie-