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love letter to halie, mitch & hudson
love letter to halie, mitch & hudson


i knew of you before you were even born.

a sweet someone named claire asked about a gift certificate for your mama because there was a baby shower for *you* coming up.

so it’s always especially meaningful to see you.   and you’ve got a good squad.

i’m apt to brag a bit about your mama – on every occasion i’ve been around her she’s been deeply present, generous and grounded in her love for her people – you and mitch. her parents and family.  so i happen to think you’ve struck gold.

you’ve got so many more milestones to go – but i hope that this one is marked by learning about this world you occupy and what fascinates you.

and in case you need a suggestion this thursday for something crazy awesome about our planet, here it is in two words: bioluminescent microorganisms  ;)

glad we share this awesome world and hope your double digit year is as exceptional as you are.

with warmth, -melanie-

p.s. when i see this image of you with your mom, it makes me think of the word cherished.