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play + summer minis!


  1. to do something not as a task; but for amusement

2. to sport, to frolic

3. to do something fanciful




play + summer minis!

These longer light-filled days are making me so happy…it feels as though there’s lots more time for play (like my tiny bit of gardening).  We wrapped up our school year mid-May so the next 4 weeks are the most perfect time for a session (near or far) if it’s something you’ve had in mind!

limited edition
[summer] mini session

when: saturday, august 6th

where: uk arboretum


a 15-20 minute mini session, $175 session fee

1-3 people/children, for additional siblings/family members please add $25/person. since these will be outside, please plan for the possibility of cooler weather with clothing selections.

prints, digital files, etc are purchased a la carte after you’ve had a chance to see the images.

we can’t wait to see you!

kindly pick your preferred time

for sessions at a spot & date of your choosing, here’s our portrait calendar! if you don’t see a date that works,  jot us a quick note at because we might be able to find a fit!



  • 01

    love this free app for identifying plants and animals with your phone camera and use it all the time!

  • 02

    any other ponytail lovers with thick hair?  can’t get over how much i appreciate these bands!

  • 03

    picture books that celebrate fathers :)