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definition: a feeling of great happiness

before pumpkins start appearing, i want to share a session from rosemary beach, florida…where the speed limit is 12 mph down the main street.

and man does that feel good.

sort of like summer itself.

it’s been my favorite one ever. we turned down the dial on busyness ever so slightly and landed in our ‘just right’ place.

the loveliest grandmother scoops up her daughter and granddaughters and brings them to rosemary because she’s so wise.  on the anniversary of her husband’s passing she wants to be in a joyful place surrounded by those she loves. they remember.  and celebrate (lillie turned 3!).  and i can’t imagine he could be any happier about their time together.

grateful for their clarity of vision in realizing that time with people we love is so valuable.

the hole that grief digs in our hearts can eventually fill – if we’re purposeful.

with seasoned joy.

and maturity about life.

sometimes we put on a metaphorical glove or added layer of protection on…so we don’t feel quite as deeply.  and joy and grief have a rawness that ignores that glove.

let’s look for times when joy hits our hearts…and make more of them.  on purpose.

time with you does it for me.

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    karma komba shampoo bar:  you store it in a metal tin and it lasts for months!  audrey and i have been sharing one since mid-june and it’s not even half gone!  it’s in their signature (and unisex) scent.  if you have wavy/curly hair this is even better but it doesn’t seem to last as long.  love that so many of their products are package free *and* how this is minimizing my travel essentials (because it can also be used as soap)

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    a sweet article about minimalism…”Minimalism is about clarity. When we turn down the noise on the shoulda-woulda-coulda, the musicality of life comes forth. Conversely, when we feel overwhelmed, it’s hard to appreciate what’s in front of us.”

enjoy the olympics :)

xoxox to infinity,
– melanie –

P.S. session availability looks extra light but we have some wednesday afternoons we can add to the options! if you’re thinking of october, get in touch soon!