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slow. simple. sweet.
slow. simple. sweet.
slow. simple. sweet.

i’m prone to hibernation in the winter.  you?

making homemade soup.


getting into bed a little earlier (which feels fantastic).

and indulging in introversion with any moments i can come by.

and yet, i want to pop over to your doorstep and share the most amazing recipe, and a new documentary.

so i’m hopping on here.  but softly, just in case you’re keeping things a little quieter.

i never want to add to the noise….only joy and good news!

i’ve been thinking about some words for this year…how i want the year to feel.  in the past, i’ve loved picking one word as a guide.

but this year it didn’t fit. so it’s slow. simple. sweet.

and january has been hitting home runs left and right.

reality check: on new years day, i marked my daughter’s height on a white wooden measuring stick we have in our hallway and rolled back on my heels just a little as i saw that she’d grown more than an inch since the start of the school year.  and since i know she can’t comply with the message of “slow down this growing stuff, ladybug”, it’s ME that must do the slowing.

may you enjoy some moments of peace and calm this winter.

from my warm spot indoors to yours, -melanie-

p.s. have you seen la la land yet?  i’m going to wait till it comes out on video and host a get together – if you’re holding out like me, you should come!

p.p.s. we’re planning this year’s mini sessions – let us know ( favorite places or holidays/times of the year you’d like us to incorporate!


random lovelies from around the web

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    Documentary roundup

    there’s this wee little time on weeknights after audrey goes to bed that’s generally filled with some reading but every once in a while, i watch a documentary.  please share any you’ve loved!  bag it (lexington library link) had me bringing re-useable containers to good foods co-op the same weekend for a little tutorial from the clerk on exactly how it all worked if i wanted to fill my own jar…and it’s SO simple.  love that the bulk bin options in town are growing!

    and one more, minimalism (on netflix) – loved all the interviews…particularly graham hill & david friedlander of life edited #LifeEditedApartmentSuperFan (thanks for the rec, katie!)

    let me know what you think!



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    for a photo waiting to be framed

    studio mcgee’s black and white frame picks are spot on

  • 03
    before you buy another piece of clothing...

    i’ve yet to add a piece of elizabeth suzann clothing to my tiny wardrobe but planning to try some on when i head to nashville this year – this money talk article had me saying “amen” by the end.

  • 04
    5 unexpected places to travel this summer

    yes to all five!  do you spend that slow week between christmas and new years planning your family travel too?

  • 05
    Baby things

    love how sweet a wooden bowl and spoon seem next to plastic.  and emma dodd does such a nice job of creating cuddle worthy stories filled with love: 1/2/3  perfect shower gift for a friend :)

  • 06

    one of these customized to look like your child would be so sweet tucked inside a special easter egg or as spring surprise. we got audrey a set a few years ago and she still plays with them.  i don’t mind spending more for something that’s durable, small & thoughtful enough to hang onto for the next generation.