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ikigai   def: a reason for being

i have a thing for words from other languages that encapsulate something striking.  it lights me up to hear an idea articulated succinctly.  with just a few letters.

someday, i’ll travel to japan…until then, i’ll dote on the word ikigai,  and how much it’s message of finding the meaning of your life resonates with me in the very center of my body.

i recently heard author elizabeth gilbert say she had stopped using the word meditation…instead, she sits for 15 minutes to “contemplate her existence”.  YES!

i love what becomes clear when we contemplate our existence :)

my web designer campaigned for me to not have photographer in my logomark and today i see why.  i feel more like a human who enjoys showing up to love people than a photographer.

photography is the access pass.

but the loving part is what i can’t help but do.

it’s less about everyone looking at the camera and more about taking a deep breath while you hold someone close enough to get tickled by their hair.

and maybe i’m also a champion for you living your best possible life.  i’m on that same path and enjoy sharing what i find.  annie o’shaunessy has a term called “soul flares”… it’s what happens when someone shines their light. it doesn’t matter what it is – a song, a smile, a yummy homemade soup.   they send out a flare of light that inspires others to shine.

glad for such lovely company in the shining department – you do, you know :)


love and more love,



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    nyc stop

    if you make it to nyc before me, you should pop in this pencil store and get one of these.  i know you can order it but then you wouldn’t have the fun of going to a PENCIL store!!  pretty sure that my higher than average happiness is due to being delighted by simple things like pencils.


  • 02
    holiday cafe

    let’s just imagine for a moment that we have a lunch date planned here, shall we?


  • 03
    I never thought...

    a jumpsuit would ever make me think twice but given my love for all things simple, this one could easily find a spot in my ultra tiny wardrobe.  the pricetag is making me pause but i hope i see more like it.