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i feel hibernation coming.

it’s this beautiful season where i slow down, and intentionally nourish the ground so it brings forth something fruitful.

i’m always excited for it – but as i’ve been paying closer attention to the inner life,  i’ve noticed a heightened gratitude accompanying me.

example: last night, after audrey was tucked in bed, i asked jason if i could make him a cup of tea and as i lifted the bag of peppermint to my nose, it smelled so good i felt it

here’s one of the thoughts that has been so very helpful to me as of late: everything is exactly as it should be.

it snaps me out of my future thinking self that wants to build a home, get a certain amount in our retirement savings, come up with a plan to make this advent season the most heartfelt yet simple one yet, create goals for 2018 that magnify the lovely and good in our lives…

but i think that thought, “everything is exactly as it should be” and i believe it.  probably because when i look back, even on a tougher season, i can see the lessons that were taught and how there’s *no* way, i could be who i am without them.

and the other thing i love about that thought is that i don’t feel stuck where i am at all – but the motion forward feels smooth and fluid towards being more of myself.

joy and peace have been present but they seem surer now, more resilient…and somehow more quiet.

this month, even amidst the happy flurry of work, i’ve carved out time for creative assignments like the image above.  oh my goodness, experiments are!  i do them with my life *all* the time but i love my work so much (and also crave so much simplicity) that i rarely do it “personal assignments”.

it’s interesting what came out of the camera this morning about another thought i’ve been having.  as women, a false story about aging has been perpetuated.

our worth is not determined by how youthful we look.

oh, and here’s another…we do not become less valuable as we age.

even in hollywood ;)

i see the texture in these peonies and i’m finding new appreciation for the texture and lines on my own face that will in coming years become deeper expressions of the smiles, laughs and even concerns.

i’m struck by how exquisite older joyful people are.

i have been for decades.

and to be honest, i’m hopeful to join their ranks.  i don’t want to talk about my poor health, i want to talk about the amazing book i just finished.  or what i just learned.  i want to write letters.  maybe a little like this one that i hope finds it’s way onto your screen.  and please let there be lots of conversations.   

and just in case something happens and my hair doesn’t become white like my grandmother’s (although i’ll wish for it again when i blow out birthday candles next summer), or capacity declines, nothing in my dream can’t be lived out right now.  my front room has a comfy chair and loveseat for conversation. and i am usually at least 3 deep in really amazing books.  and my baby wrinkles are going to become even more texture-full soon.

that brand new crisp wrinkle free $100 bill from the bank isn’t worth any more than the one that has done it’s job many many times.

share your thoughts and maybe what you love about yourself as you age…i love the richness of more time with people i dearly love.  of knowing a recipe without having to refer to the recipe card.  that our thoughts are infinitely more powerful than we usually give them credit for and a choice we can make anew each day of our life.

request: how can i be of most service to you in between the times when i make photographs of your life for you?  i’m fleshing out a bit of my walk in 2018…where would you like me to show up and with more on what topics?   

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo, -melanie-