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let’s gather. 

i’m sooooooo excited about this.  it’s a chance to share something i love with people i adore. 

a photo class led by yours truly – which i’ve avoided for far too long because i don’t feel like a natural teacher but i can do this.  particularly if you’re there.  because then it’s just a lovely exchange and i’ll be so excited to see you, i’m willing to move a mountain.

my heart wishes i could help you remember so many more beautiful moments that cross your path.  for me, it’s often less about the photograph and more about what it does for our hearts. just looking at them spur more JOY, remembrance and gratitude. 

the photograph is a vehicle to a sweet and lovely place to be.

because i can’t be there for every moment (although that doesn’t stop me from trying! i’ve met up on portions of vacations, documented your parents 50th anniversaries, been there for birthday parties…), i want to help simplify photography for you. 

am i going to turn you into a pro?  no.  

that’s a far more intensive study and this is definitely a beginner course but if you’ve ever hoped for improvement and a guide in explaining the basics, and the camera feels a bit like a confusing black box in your hands, i’m here and so excited to share it all with you.

what we’ll be covering: 

getting to know your DSLR (although 85% of the day will apply to whatever camera you happen to use – your iPhone included!)

aperture, shutter speed, iso will all be demystified

composition, lens selections, seeing light in a new way

a bunch of tips to help your children (or nieces/nephews!) love the process of being photographed

so much more…i’ll be customizing a segment to cover your specific questions!


when: wednesday, may 18    9:15am – 2pm

cost: $ 275 early bird rate…$315 starting may 1

i love small groups so space is limited…if you have any questions, jot me a note (!  i’d love to hear from you!  

i wanted to do this before school ended so you can capture the summer fun in store!  

life is incredulously beautiful – particularly the everyday life that surrounds a family…in whatever shape your family takes.  On more than a few occasions it can seem like a revisiting of Groundhog Day, I get it…but within those patterns of care, love and even tidying up there’s so much good stuff and you are the one most perfectly poised to see it all.

and when you’re watching for the goodness and love,

you’ll see there’s more than you ever expected to find.

so,  let’s gather.

The days go by with so many little things that don’t seem to matter until they’re no longer there
and suddenly they’re all that ever mattered.

Brian Andreas