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someone dear recently asked me the difference between a signature session and a [ limited edition ] mini and it makes sense to share!

mini strengths

  • lower price tag ;) $175  – additional people can make it $200+
  • EASY – less prep work:  just go and in 15 minutes it’s a wrap!
  • a perfect quick photo update (15-20 min)
  • generally held on fridays/saturdays


signature session strengths $425:

  • mini’s are posted to the blog and gone in a couple hours – with a session, you can plan further in advance and have more time to prepare…you set the time/location! your home becomes an option which is my most favorite.
  • it’s a more well rounded look at family life – we get variety…that great cuddle shot but also variations that mini’s don’t allow for because we’re really focused due to time
  • we have a lot more available to us during the session to use – favorite toys, their nursery/room, pets, the couch where you snuggle as a family. we can end a session by playing in the backyard or baking something in the kitchen
  • time: if your child is shy, there’s more time to unfurl from that shyness and they’re likely much more comfortable on their home turf.
  • we have a conversation beforehand to work out a great plan, find out more about your children and the best approach


does that help a little?  i love mini sessions – it’s SO fun to see so many of you in one day!  ideally, i see them as complements to a signature session done once a year or every other year.  i’m thrilled to see you whenever…i just wanted to explain the benefits of each because i’d never really addressed it!

it means so much to build a visual legacy for you.  thank you for being intentional with you about what you want to remember from right now.


A couple things to put at your fingertips…

At the bottom of each page of our site, you can be added to our newsletter…I’m not spammy, and won’t overwhelm your inbox (promise!  i love jcrew but they email way too much!) and it’s the best way to be in the loop with advance notice on mini sessions.

Our 3 month availability for portrait sessions.  We’re going to have so much fun!


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    made this for sunday dinner and it was a pleaser all around…super simple & yummy.  i added fresh salsa to the black bean mixture and liked the result.  i literally could not find uncooked polenta at meijer (the grocery store within walking distance) so i got the cooked kind, warmed it up and it made it even faster!  it was great with roasted veggies on the side.

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