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we got married on the first day of spring – and in humorous fashion, there was a *huge* out of season snowstorm. optimist that i am, i looked outside and thought “how lovely! everything is decorated in white for the wedding!”

a couple weekends ago, my mom came to watch audrey while jason and i took a little road trip to a cozy cabin to celebrate our anniversary.

i so appreciate margin – early mornings, evenings and weekends well spent.  we just used a weekend and i feel so refreshed because of it.

make a plan for your anniversary – it’s another way to show how important your marriage is and appreciate togetherness.

xoxo, -melanie-

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    10 ways to keep saying yes 20 years later
  • 02
    one of the dreamiest anniversary spots i can imagine
  • 03
    so sweet

    a letter to the doctors and nurses who cared for my wife

  • 04
    Springtime Minis in darling Gratz Park

    Just three spots left!  So excited!

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    My dear friend and the reason my heart has been celebrating

    Cannot get the words “live for others” out of my head or the smile to leave my face!  Watch this if you need some good news :)