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fall mini session! (and an important heads up about toasted marshmallow day)


kəˈnekt/ verb

definition: bring together or into contact so that a real link is established


as my nephew got ready for his first day of kindergarten, I shared our favorite ‘end of school day’ tradition with my sister-in-law.
at the end of the day, since audrey began school, i’d say, “tell me your kindergarten stories!” (which got changed to first grade stories and so on!).

and she’d narrate the day – I heard about what she ate for lunch, who fell and got hurt on the playground, what book the librarian read…a simple way to reconnect and span the hours spent apart.

admittedly, it’s a tradition best started early if you want more than a post-school report of “it was good” but it’s been so helpful to us!



fall mini session! (and an important heads up about toasted marshmallow day)

we’ve already had emails checking on them…so here they are, fall minis!!  we’ll be tucked way way back at a spot at veterans park that gives us two different options – an open field and then a lush wooded area :)   i’m soooooo excited!  this will be our last mini session until spring of 2019.

when: saturday, october 6th

where: a tucked away corner of veterans park – off tates creek rd in Lexington, KY (we’ll send a map the week before the session)

kindly pick your preferred time (hurry, there are just 8 spots!)…note: there will be a spot to pay as soon as you select a time. {SOLD OUT}

details: a 15-20 minute mini session, $175 session fee

1-2 children (or you and a child), for additional siblings/family members please add $25/person.

on nov 6th we’ll present 5 too cute images!  just in time for lovely christmas cards!!


our fall session calendar is getting so full so if that’s a consideration and you don’t see a date, email me and fingers crossed we can find something other than our typical friday afternoon!

  • 01

    cooking magazine for kids – how fun!

  • 02

    i love this simple idea of bringing garden extras to the food bank!

  • 03

    on that imaginary trip we’re taking together to LA, let’s stop in here

  • 04

    everytime we hop on our bikes for an errand in our neighborhood (stop by the grocery, drop off books at the library), we can’t get to the end of the street without say “i love riding a bike!”…as audrey gets taller, we’ll be adding a new bike to the family and so i’ve been surveying options – this electric cargo bike is such a game changer (out of stock but due back in shortly).  don’t you love the automatic breeze that comes along when you bike!  read this a few years ago and learned so much about why biking is awesome and love hearing an occasional family pedals podcast episode to encourage me to make biking what i think of first when we’re within a couple miles of home. and we can put our snacks in here (is it bad that i still require eco to be cute?) :)

happy (almost) fall!!!   fingers crossed we see each other soon!  xoxoxoxoxoxo, -melanie-

 p.s. aug 30th is toasted marshmallow day…friends keep friends in the loop ;)