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2018 acknowledgements

this fall has been a favorite of my entire lifetime.  it’s beyond words.

work & life have been such an incredibly intense *joy*…no other word fits.

i love reading the acknowledgements at the end of a book.  it humanizes the author to see them express gratitude to those who helped them pull off a feat that required dedication and sacrifice.  and at various points throughout this year, i’ve felt a pull to acknowledge in a similar way what you do for me.


to clients who i love:    i entertain myself that by passing by a photo of someone you love, your days are made a little better.  and that those images become all the sweeter as we age.  thank you for commissions that make my heart swell with anticipation…i love being with you!!

i imagine you reliving how a moment felt by seeing an image that was created when we were together and i love that I get to ‘be present’ to you loving so well.

i hope for everyone to have such a ‘heart healthy’ occupation.

your kindness, generosity, and loveliness steep in me like the best cup of warm tea…my hope & goal is to become an adequate dispenser of it.

to my husband: you’ve taught me so much about steadfastness, loyalty and goodness…you make me shake my head at the Disneyworld motto of “the happiest place on earth” because that’s what our home is!  while i may be pretty decent at the planning, YOU bring the fun and make sure there’s a good dose of it in our everyday.

to audrey: no one could hope for a better girl – living with you is pretty much like being side by side with a storybook character because you sing all day long :)  i love you from the top of your increasingly tall head to the bottom of your toes.  what has happened this year between us will forever be written on my heart – thank you for savoring stories of Joan of Arc, impromptu road trips so we might bring hope to my grandmother…what we do together is literal fuel to my heart.  never could I have imagined days spent so well.

to kalie, sandi & kristie:   your excellence helps me spend time with more clients than I ever could without you and you make my life at least 15 times better.  you routinely go above and beyond. i need to rename m.m.p. to m.m.k.s.k.p. because of how integral you are to our mission ;)  i feel like i work with literal sisters.


may this final chapter of the year be so good, so cozy, so satisfying.

gratefully, -melanie-

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    i am so excited for this to arrive!!  (and this is from someone who keeps kitchen gadgets *very* slim but i anticipate i’ll use this almost everyday)

  • 02

    i’ve been enjoying this new podcast and this episode is about all things ‘cozy’…is it just me or is that one of your favorite words, too?  coziness can seem a little tough to pin down – and yet, alicia does a brilliant job articulating different ways to achieve it.

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    audrey loooooooves little reminders of the season in our rooms…when i came across these simple (neutral) pillowcases, they made me smile because it married my love of  things that don’t take up much room :) she was *delighted* when i gave her the thanksgiving pillowcase last week while expressing my gratitude for her and all she adds to our life along with news that other pillowcases would be coming throughout the year.  i saw them and wanted to pick out fabric and make my own but i also weighed the likelihood of that *happening* and ordered a few!