wedding worksheet

wedding worksheet

  • Your day is right around the corner! Thank you so much for taking the time to help keep me in the loop about wedding details that have progressed since we last chatted and answer all my questions so I can create a wonderful set of images for you! Thank you again for allowing us to share such an important day beside you - like you, we're so excited!

  • If so, please list their names & ages (ex: flower girl: Addison Wells (niece) - 4yr) note: I typically don't have young children part of the wedding party images because they might not be available (due to naps or parents worried about their formal clothing!) and they tend to get a little lost in the photo - rather, I have a photograph of them with the bride & groom at some point later in the day.

    Seeing one another before the ceremony is often a favorite part of the day for my clients. While I follow your preference, I feel as though it's helpful to have some information about why couples might choose to see one another before the ceremony.

    • more time is available for photographs (and there's more flexibility with which locations are available because time isn't as limited)
    • photos are done when clothes and make-up are at their freshest (if you tend to tear up, sometimes right after that isn't the best time for lots of photos...particularly the most important ones with your groom!)
    • it works better with the schedule and allows you to enjoy the day in a more natural way - rather than leaving the guests that have come to celebrate with you, you can join them for a portion of the cocktail hour
    • you don't want to spend all day apart :)
    • grooms have mentioned they love having a chance to have you walk down the aisle towards them *and* have a first look
    • you can have your first look with your groom wherever you like (in the same spot or somewhere else and exchange letters or a gift) and talk for a bit (not something you'll be able to do if it's during the ceremony)
  • Ideally this is someone you can give an important wedding job to - a trusted friend/cousin who also has the personality to be effective in gathering large groups (this helps the photographs move so much more quickly)...this tends to be difficult for someone already in the wedding party.
  • planner:
  • florist/event design:
  • caterer:
  • cake:
  • videographer:
  • where did you purchase your dress (if local):

  • bridesmaid dress:
  • groom's suit (if purchased locally):
  • make-up:
  • hair:
  • reception music:
  • We are so excited to see you soon! Thank you so much for taking time to fill this out - it helps us create a photo timeline for your day.