getting prepared
getting prepared
timelines & more!

I’m so grateful to be a part of your day!  The form at the very bottom of this page will be indispensable for getting our ducks all in a row and helping your day flow as smooth as silk.  Some of the details needed are likely still being worked out but as soon as you need an extra hand on timelines (ie: when will we start photos?), send this our way and we’ll be in touch with a timeline draft!  There’s some more information that we find we speak with brides and grooms about regularly as well.

01.The best way to not run late on your day

Professional hair and make-up artists make such a huge difference and I looooove them!  It can often take more time than anticipated so I’d pad the time recommendations they give you so your day moves smoothly and we aren’t running late – it’s no fun to feel that stress on your wedding day and if any portion tends to run long, 9/10 it’s this part.  If we don’t, the 45 minutes of photo time we have for you and your groom turns into 3 minutes.  Ouch!

Be one of the very first to get your hair/make-up done!

Why?  For three main reasons.  If things fall behind, you’re needed for photos first (there’s a little extra time for bridesmaids to play catch-up if it’s absolutely required) and second, I never want them to rush through your hair.  We don’t want that for anyone, but definitely not for you…I also find that by getting hair and make-up done towards the beginning, there’s time to test longevity – ie: is there a strand that needs to be recurled or pinned.  I’d rather it happen while they’re there than once they’ve left.

02.4 make-up products to avoid

Just a few points that wouldn’t be ready knowledge – because I’m using natural light, you don’t have to go much heavier on make-up.  That’s a bit of a throw-back to heavy flash photography where it made everyone look awful.  That said, it’s always nice when eyes are accentuated a bit!

A few products can cause some issues – foundation with a high SPF or formulations made to look ‘dewy’ & frosted eyeshadows…Here’s why, they’re designed to kick light back…and while in person, they can look great, the camera freezes a moment and with dewier foundations, our foreheads and noses look super shiny.

I’d love if you were aware of these when you had a consultation with your make-up artist so you can steer selections in a different direction.

Finally, bronzer – if yours has sparkle to it (which is generally ground up mica) you’ll have a ton of white spots all over your arms, decolletage…and the generally well behaved perfectionist in me will be horrified and spend an extra week retouching it and any bridesmaids who happened to also put it on :)  #speakingfromexperience


03.Consider using your make-up trial for your engagement session!

Sometimes, I feel like make-up pro’s turn the volume *all the way* up on glam…and if your wedding is that sort, it might be entirely appropriate…but too often I see brides making adjustments because they’re getting married outside and the look is a bit too much given the setting so take time to find examples.  I love Team Hair and Make-up’s work out of Santa Barbara – although not local, they almost always nail flawless skin that still looks natural with slight contouring that’s invisible and a fresh/polished look for brides looking for something classic or natural.

04.Pretend you're getting married the week before

That way, the only thing you have on the to do list for the last week is getting your nails done and can enjoy time with the people you love most!


My husband says his favorite detail was the bluegrass cocktail band. Also, partner with professionals who can help you execute your vision!


Have a First look. This is a personal decision but having the whole afternoon for Daniel and I to take photos and then relax before the ceremony was such a treat.


I'm so glad I took all the pictures before the wedding - my favorite thing was getting to the reception before the guests. My husband and I were able to take a moment and catch our breath - you need a few of those moments on your wedding day!


Looking back, I was so overwhelmed trying to produce what I thought a "Martha Stewart wedding" should be - meaning every detail is perfect, down to the littlest detail. In the end, the things I let go of didn't matter.


I wrote handwritten letters to all my bridesmaids and it was great to watch their reactions as they read them before the wedding!


Bring a cute hanger for your wedding gown.


Have a Sorority photo. Being in Tri Delta was such a big part of my life during college, it was so special to have a photo taken with all of those girls from college, and additionally family and friends who also shared in that experience elsewhere.


It wasn't planned, but my father walked in the foyer of our venue when my husband & I were doing our first look and it was so sweet to share that moment with him too.


I am glad that I sewed part of my father's tie in my dress.


Every couple of hours, I paused to soak in the evening and take mental pictures of the experience. It was nice to remind myself to sit back & enjoy it!

Thank you for helping us build your photo timeline!
the Wedding Worksheet
wedding worksheet
  • Your day is right around the corner! Thank you so much for taking the time to help keep me in the loop about wedding details that have progressed since we last chatted and answer all my questions so I can create a wonderful set of images for you! Thank you again for allowing us to share such an important day beside you - like you, we're so excited!

  • If so, please list their names & ages (ex: flower girl: Addison Wells (niece) - 4yr) note: I typically don't have young children part of the wedding party images because they might not be available (due to naps or parents worried about their formal clothing!) and they tend to get a little lost in the photo - rather, I have a photograph of them with the bride & groom at some point later in the day.

    Seeing one another before the ceremony is often a favorite part of the day for my clients. While I follow your preference, I feel as though it's helpful to have some information about why couples might choose to see one another before the ceremony.

    • more time is available for photographs (and there's more flexibility with which locations are available because time isn't as limited)
    • photos are done when clothes and make-up are at their freshest (if you tend to tear up, sometimes right after that isn't the best time for lots of photos...particularly the most important ones with your groom!)
    • it works better with the schedule and allows you to enjoy the day in a more natural way - rather than leaving the guests that have come to celebrate with you, you can join them for a portion of the cocktail hour
    • you don't want to spend all day apart :)
    • grooms have mentioned they love having a chance to have you walk down the aisle towards them *and* have a first look
    • you can have your first look with your groom wherever you like (in the same spot or somewhere else and exchange letters or a gift) and talk for a bit (not something you'll be able to do if it's during the ceremony)
  • Ideally this is someone you can give an important wedding job to - a trusted friend/cousin who also has the personality to be effective in gathering large groups (this helps the photographs move so much more quickly)...this tends to be difficult for someone already in the wedding party.
  • planner:
  • florist/event design:
  • caterer:
  • cake:
  • videographer:
  • where did you purchase your dress (if local):

  • bridesmaid dress:
  • groom's suit (if purchased locally):
  • make-up:
  • hair:
  • reception music:
  • We are so excited to see you soon! Thank you so much for taking time to fill this out - it helps us create a photo timeline for your day.