letter of agreement - bar/bat mitzvah

letter of agreement - bar/bat mitzvah

    The parties agree that Melanie Mauer Photography (M.M.P.) will furnish photographic coverage on the above date from 4 hours of coverage on the evening of the bar/bat mitzvah party and 1.5 hours of coverage the week prior to the event (time to be determined in consultation with the Rabbi). Extra time may be contracted at $425/hr.

    Photographer shall photograph only on the calendar dates mentioned above.

    It is agreed that to provide the best and most efficient service on the event day, Melanie Mauer will be the only photographer during the event. Family & friends may photograph at other times as long as they do not interfere with our documentation of the event. The client understands that the photographer uses a documentary style of photography. M.M.P. shall make an on-line private gallery available to the client for the purpose of selecting photographs (guarantee of 125 proof images) within 90 days of the bar/bat mitzvah.

    The photographer has full artistic discretion on the selection of images that will become proofs. Images are archived for 12 months and shall not be held liable for archived images lost due to natural disaster.

    All photos created by M.M.P. are copyright protected. It is a violation of federal copyright to copy, scan or allow photographs we have created to be reprinted without our express written permission. Use of low-resolution images for your personal website/blog/facebook accounts are acceptable – please provide a photo credit (photo: melaniemauer.com).

    Prints may be made for the client or for M.M.P.’s portfolio, self-promotion, entry in photography contests and art exhibitions, editorial use, trade, advertising and display. Clients give M.M.P. permission to use name and likeness in all forms and media for any lawful purpose. I also agree that images can be used without additional compensation to the undersigned.


    The fee ($4300) is based on a creative fee and digital files. All prints/products not included with your coverage will be purchased in addition to the fee and in accordance to the standard price list. Product rates are adjusted periodically and orders are billed at the rates in effect on the most recently published price list.

    Extra charges (such as rush service, travel past 75 miles, additional photographic coverage) shall be billed if and when incurred at the request of the client.

    a) travel charges are billed only if the location is greater than 100 miles from Lexington, KY

 b) travel between 101-200 miles is billed at a rate of $500 c) travel more than 200 consists of airfare/meals/ground transportation/lodging for 2-3 nights for melanie + assistant (determination of air versus car travel is solely at our discretion) d) fees for international travel are negotiated with client.

    A $1500 non-refundable retainer reserves the coverage time. This retainer is applied in full toward the creative fee. The balance of the fee is due 30 days before the event date. Note that photography will not start until final payment has been received.

    If the balance is not paid within 30 days of the event date we reserve the right not to photograph the event. In case of a cancellation or rescheduling to a date we are unavailable for M.M.P., monies received are non-refundable. In case of rescheduling to a date that M.M.P. has available, the retainer will apply to the new date within 18 months of the original contracted date but any changes in price/coverage will be applied. This rescheduling may happen once. If the event is rescheduled twice, the monies received are non-refundable/non-transferable.

    Please send payment of $1500 to reserve your day via the options above:

  • COVID-19
    For the safety of all parties involved, we will abide by current CDC and local public health recommendations and regulations.  - If your venue changes and requires travel that wasn't present at the time of signing this agreement, additional travel as outlined in the Charges section would apply. - Our retainer is a booking fee and is the cost to reserve a date.

    In the unlikely event that severe illness/catastrophe prevents us from photographing your event, we will promptly inform you and depending on your decision at the time either (a) attempt to secure an alternate professional photographer who will photograph your event on our behalf or (b) refund your retainer and all subsequent payments.

    While every reasonable effort will be made to produce outstanding photographs, our entire liability to you for any claim or loss arising from our performance is limited to a refund to you in the amount paid for services. M.M.P. cannot guarantee delivery of any specifically requested image(s) or be held responsible for shots missed because of late arrivals on the part of those who are to be photographed.

    As a company, we follow the rules your venues has regarding photography - in certain instances they may limit it. Please check to see if they have special restrictions. Permission to photograph is the client's responsibility as well as notifying those in photos of when and where the photographs will be taken.

    By submitting this form you agree to the terms of the portrait agreement and it serves as your electronic signature.

    I honor your trust in my vision and am deeply grateful you have selected my services for your event. It is my privilege to be your photographer. Thank you!