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we’re hiring!

it’s been a beautiful season without much change at mmp but our incredible photo editor, katie’s time with us is drawing to a close so we’re on the search for someone who can fill her shoes as our editor!

start date: 


job details:

teleworking part time position

number of hours: varies greatly…at the highest would be 12 per week (generally closer to 8-10), and in the winter (jan-mar) it will be much much less.  our production manager also does photo editing.

our shoots are generally scheduled well in advance so you’ll have a sense ahead of time when work will be headed your way


positive, sweet & kind

always on time, super reliable & organized

flawless attention to detail

excellent communication skills

phenomenal team player


a concern for quality & beauty

access to high speed internet

access to & proficiency with Adobe Lightroom (version 5 or later), Adobe Photoshop (version 5 or later)

we’ll train you on the specifics of image editing as we prefer it but experience with photo retouching is a necessity.

please send emails (no calls, please) with subject line: editor


  • 3 professional references
  • resume 
  • your Skype username (we have a series of interviews and this is typical one of them)
  • take a look at our about page and create a bio for yourself
  • help us get to know you as well as we possibly can!  what you’ve done, what you’re doing, what you love, and why this is a great fit for you :) 
  • three before and after images that you’ve retouched (our style is natural & classic)  

please get in touch if this sounds like a long term fit for you!

deadline: sept 22


We’re so excited to get to know you!  Feel free to forward this to a friend/family member who might be qualified!     warmly, -melanie-